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Corporate - After Sale

"We stand behind our products."

Guestinhouse intends to provide superior services to its customers after the sale as it does during the sale.

We manage to minimize after-sale problems by only providing the "highest-quality" products to our customers as a result of our quality policy. Our products are manufactured to the highest standards in the hospitality industry and selected carefully so that they can be confidently used for many years . Under normal conditions, it is almost impossible to experience any problems with our products during their warranty periods. Most of them can be used for a long time after their warranties expire.

It is our responsibilty to make the necessary replacements if any orders are incompletely or incorrectly shipped. Guestinhouse is accountable to fix or replace any damaged or defected products during their warranty period. Guestinhouse customer service representatives strive to assist customers to reach the necessary information and services even after the warranty period is over.

Our customer satisfaction policy makes it our first priority to find effective solutions to eliminate problems professionally and quickly in the best possible way.
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